Somatheeram The Tropical Garden of Eden. 

Beach resorts are everywhere the same.  Sun, Sand, and Blue waters.  Except SOMATHEERAM 15 acres (60705 Sq.meter) of green garden terraced heights sloping down to the sandy beach stretching to the tranquil, turquoise sea changing color and mood momentarily as the white clouds sail past over it, each contour terrace studded with the most ethnic abodes.  The Sidharta, The Illam, The Mana, the Tharavadu, The Nalukettu, and the Cottages. All looking out to the sea as if from an over hang.  You wont find the like of it anywhere in the world.  Yes of course.  The Garden of Eden where you stay young forever. 


India is a fabulous country having a 5000-year-old unique civilization at its core, with a myriad of regional cultures and subcultures forming its composite body.  The land of the most ancient literature on the globe, India still is an enchantingly mysterious world with a rare diversity of color and clime. 


Kerala, the land of plenty with endless stretches of swaying coconut palms, paddy fields and plantations interspersed with endless rivers and lagoons, lies at the southern most tip of the Indian sub continent, nursed by the Western Ghat ranges on the east and the charming waters of the Arabian sea on the west.  Truly it is a Green Dream, the like of which you will never discover anywhere else. 


Somatheeram gleans the essence of Kerala exquisiteness.  It is a unique holiday resort where the season never ends and the tranquility prevails.  It is a mini- cosmos of Kerala, flaunting the richest specimens of its architechture, sculpture and Somatheeram is also a perfect hide way, far from mass tourism.  Nine kilometers south of the renowned Kovalam Beach and 21 kilometers from the state capital Trivandrum.  The pristine charms of nature in its primordial best, wedded to the elegance of a resort Somatheeram is a fascinating haunt.  Built in wood and sporting antique, carved doors and pillars, each building is a unique piece of architecture.  Yes, there are no factories or skyscraping concrete structures to violate the heavenly ambience.  The Sidharta the super deluxe granite bunglow gives a 180 degrees view of the sea from its bedroom.  The Illam and The Mana are traditional Kerala houses, with exquisitely carved pillars, buttresses and doors.  The Nalukettu is the reconstruction of a traditional, tharavad house with four wings and a central courtyard.  Each wing forms an independent house, like The Illam.  The resort has a choice of Cottages, smaller but comfortable.  On the fringe of courtyards and pathways leading to the houses, pieces of ancient granite sculptures, .all constructions here blend with the natural landscape in an eco friendly way. 




Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala and it has an airport with flights coming from Singapore(Silk Air) Dubai (Kuwait Airways, Gulf Air, Oman air) Colombo (Srilankan Airlines, Indian Airlines). It has also connection flight from Delhi and Mumbai.

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